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Get Out the (Local) Vote!

Written by N. James Brago; Photo Courtesy of Pete Linforth

With the ongoing and increasingly controversial presidential election dwindling down (only two weeks left!), it is important for New Jersey citizens to turn their attention to the local election ballots; congressional elections in New Jersey seem to be following a precedent that ensures an incumbent win.

In District 1, for example, Rep. Donald Norcross (D) will have no trouble defending his title as congressman in a district where he won by almost 30,000 votes in 2014. This tale of congressional district dominance will not be tested in District 1. Yet, if we take a look at District 2, newcomer Dave Cole (D) is challenging longtime politician and incumbent Frank Lobiondo (R) in the predominantly red district.



Rowan University Bathrooms Are Found to Be Among the Worst Places to Unexpectedly Get Your Period

Written by Kristin Guglietti; Photos Courtesy of Kristin Guglietti 

Pads and tampons are not free in public places. If you’re lucky, you might walk into a women’s restroom that contains dispensers, but these machines are rarely stocked. On campus, dispensers in women’s restrooms seem to be perpetually labeled, almost in a mocking manner, “NOT STOCKED.”


The Mind Beneath the Scarf: Wearing a Hijab by Choice

Written by Naveen Khan; Photo Courtesy of Paul Keller


“Why do you wear that thing?”

“Can you shower with it?”

“If I see you without it, do you have to marry me?”

“Are you oppressed?”

“You don’t have to wear that… You’re in America.”

“Go back to where you came from.”

“…What is that?”

Yup. Those are things I, or people close to me, have heard in regard to their hijab. A hijab is a head covering donned by Muslim women to conceal their looks for the sake of modesty. In some countries, yes, it is very much pushed upon the citizens. But that’s not why I wear it.