Cruelty & Chemicals in the U.S. Makeup Industry

Written by Sarah Hockel, Photo Courtesy of Sjajolika on Pixabay 

You may use cosmetics almost every day to feel beautiful, but are you aware of the ugliness going on behind it? Whether it’s the heinous testing done on animal subjects or the carcinogens and other chemicals injected into our daily cosmetics, some of the industry’s highly questionable actions are beginning to gain the public’s attention. 



Bernie Sanders’ Tax Plan for the Masses

Written by N. James Brago; Photo Courtesy of Marc Nozell

Unless you’ve been residing beneath a rock the last few months, you’ve most likely come across the campaign slogan, “Feel the Bern”. This, of course, is the motto of presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. You may see the catchy phrase written in chalk on the street, etched on the side of highway bypasses, or across the bumper of a car, but what does it stand for? What does Bernie Sanders stand for?


The Mind Beneath the Scarf: Wearing a Hijab by Choice

Written by Naveen Khan; Photo Courtesy of Paul Keller


“Why do you wear that thing?”

“Can you shower with it?”

“If I see you without it, do you have to marry me?”

“Are you oppressed?”

“You don’t have to wear that… You’re in America.”

“Go back to where you came from.”

“…What is that?”

Yup. Those are things I, or people close to me, have heard in regard to their hijab. A hijab is a head covering donned by Muslim women to conceal their looks for the sake of modesty. In some countries, yes, it is very much pushed upon the citizens. But that’s not why I wear it.